Even for the Gilmor Gang, deadlines are king!

Steve Gillmor’s GestureLab » Hard Rain

I can’t tell you how lucky I am to be in the same room with these wonderful people. I won’t pretend that I don’t belong there; of course I do.

Steve Gillmor’s GestureLab » Hard Rain

But that is not enough to let things just careen forward. This past week, the show was taken off of Sirius. In the wake of Arrington’s resignation, I had decided to shut down the show and relaunch it under a new name. When Mike and I worked out the differences that had bubbled up on the show in question — you can clearly hear me baiting him into quitting, and despite what our demeanor suggests on the show, we are really good friends — the decision to resume the show as it stood was met with some bewilderment. The Sirius cancellation resulted.

Steve Gillmor’s GestureLab » Hard Rain

Adam Curry August 12th, 2006 at 4:34 am Steve, I would like to correct you on a few things. Gillmor Gang was not ‘cancelled’, in fact there is no such thing as a cancellation in our Sirius Satellite rotation. Our 4 hour block is intended to show as many sides of podcasting as possible, highlighting all kinds of programming, not necessarily from our own network. There is a rotation of programming that delivers on that promise. A number of slots in this rotation are reserved for recurring programming. The Gang had its own slot, as did Gillmor Daily *because* of the amazing talent on these shows, including yourself. The Sirius distribution model however, is an old fashioned one of linear nature, complete with time restrictions and deadlines for delivery of programming. As you know the Daily shows were removed from the lineup long ago due to lack of timely delivery, if at all. Unfortunately, the Gillmor Gang fell prey to the exact same problem. Repeats are unacceptable and unnecessary. It is your sole responsibility to produce and deliver your programming, as is the content of the programming. If you can demonstrate consistent, timely delivery of the Gillmor Gang, it will be welcomed with open arms into Sirius rotation. The same is true for Gillmor Daily. If organization of the talent for each show is a barrier, then you should consider compensating your Gang members. The production budget for your programming is considerably larger than that of a daily 4 hour satellite radio program, I suggest you allocate a portion of it towards ‘talent booking’ or production assistance. Give the Audience the respect it deserves.

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