Why can’t she sit still?

Lover’s Choice G-Spot clitoral stimulator.

Rock Chick is produced in the United Kingdom using medical grade silicone and comprising a micro bullet for vibrating function (it says here). “A discreet design that can easily fit inside your purse for those unexpected moments.”

Inside… your purse??

“Rock-Chick is a unique product that stimulates both the clitoral and G spot erogenous zones simultaneously. Rock Chick comprises 2 sections, the lower shaft for insertion [into the purse?] and the upper to rest over the labia and clitoris. “

It goes on to explain that the upper section is also comprised of a top grip, requiring a gentle rocking motion from the palm of the hand… will send you into orgasmic bliss. As the Rock-Chick stimulates both erogenous zones, it is very beneficial for Women that either can’t or struggle to achieve orgasm.

Women that are orgasmic have found using Rock-Chick produces easier and more intense orgasms. Rock-Chick is great for Women on their own looking for that extra satisfaction – not only does it offer a one-handed movement, but it can also provides hands-free orgasms. Once positioned, sit up on the edge of the bed or a chair and gently rock back and forth, leaving your hands free. Rock-Chick is also a great partner friendly toy that does not cause intimidation or embarrassment. Once positioned your partner will find your spot every time! The Rock Chick Kit includes one Silicone Rock-Chick Personal Massager, vibrating bullet, scented intimacy wipe, ID Personal Lubricant 1.1 oz. bottle, Rock-Chick Cleaner 2 oz. bottle and an instructional pamphlet. Batteries included.The rest is sales data, some of which needs editing!

  • Category:vibrating massagersclitoral stimulating vibratorseggs bullets
  • Measurements:9.75 inches long1 inches wide
  • Material:Silicone For Body Part:VaginaClitoris
  • Powered by:Micro
  • Color:Purple
  • Shape:SmoothBendableGspot
  • Vibration:VibratesWaterproof
    Powered by Micro? Hm…

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