Future of Optical Networking

While the focus of many operators over the past three years has been on transforming their access networks to support a broader range of broadband applications, optical network developments have set the stage for a significant step forward in the network’s evolution. Traditional product categories in the optical networks market are giving way now to a range of new solutions that leverage advanced technologies and innovative designs.

On Tuesday, December 12, 2006 at the Langham Hotel in London, Light Reading, in association with Heavy Reading, will host the Future of Optical Networking. Already in 2006, the signs of a sea change in optical networking are evident. Yet in any expanding market there remain important topics for debate and questions to be answered.

– What will the role of Sonet and SDH be in networks that are making the transition to pure-packet and Ethernet transport?
– Will ROADM and wavelength-selective switching be niche solutions in the metro core or represent a real paradigm shift in optical networking?
– Is it finally time for 40-Gig?
– What kind of growth can be expected in the long-haul network, and is there room for new suppliers?
– How does the introduction of video into telco networks affect their optical networking plans?
– Will packet and optical networks converge, and what level of data functionality is required in optical gear?

The regular price of this event is $500. However, if you are employed by a service provider, financial institution, or VAR, or are a network professional at a large enterprise, educational establishment, utility, or government agency, you may qualify for free admission, provided you confirm your attendance by Friday, December 8, 2006.

To register for this event, please click here:

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Remember! To qualify for free admission to the event – a $500 value – you must confirm your reservation by December 8. As an additional incentive, event attendees who register before November 15 will receive:

1) The complete Heavy Reading “2005 Year in Review”. This report recaps last year’s coverage by Heavy Reading of critical telecom industry developments, including: IP Multimedia Subsystem and network convergence; IPTV network architectures; service delivery platforms; Sonet-to-Ethernet migration; ROADMs and metro optical networks; and carrier Ethernet equipment and services

2) Hard copy of conference materials and soft copy via email post-event

3) A chance to win a Apple iPod Nano. The winner will be announced at the end of the conference and must be present to win.

Contest Rules:

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Terms & Conditions

Admission is based on available capacity. In order to claim free admission, invitee must register for the event by December 8, 2006, and be employed by a service provider, financial institution, or VAR, or be a network professional at a large enterprise, educational establishment, utility, or government agency. Light Reading Inc. reserves the right to refuse admission to any person.


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