“So-called experts” and

You can tell this isn’t made up. It’s a web designer, asked for tuition:

“So you want to be a web designer, eh? Well, that’s fine, just fine! There’s a lot to learn, but I’d be happy to get you started. First, we’ll talk about markup languages and semantics. Then we’ll spend a good deal of time on how CSS works and how it compares to older forms of layout, plus a basic grounding in the nature of text flow and ‘limitless canvas’ flows. After that–”
“Hold on there, Poindexter. I want to be a web designer, not a computer scientist.”

This summarises the anti-intellectual approach so well, I’d really like to just duplicate the whole article. Here’s a couple of extracts, headed with this lovely intro:

Don’t let so-called experts tell you what you should know about becoming a web designer. Eric Meyer tears back the curtain…

“So you want to be a farmer, eh? Farming ain’t easy, boy, but it’s honest work and it puts food on the table. How much do you know about it?”
“Not much, but I’d like to get started right away.”
“I like your attitude, boy! Ever had a garden?”
“No. Never really wanted one.”
“Hm. Well, maybe I could start you plantin’ some corn. That ain’t too hard, and it’s good for learnin’ how to put the seeds in right, plus I could take the time to cover some of the basics about weather signs.”
“What are you talking about? I don’t want to plant seeds or hear about the weather, of all things. I want to be a farmer.”
“You all there in the head, boy? How else do you plan to grow food, if you don’t plant seeds and keep the fields watered and fertilized? How do you expect to have your crops make it without knowin’ about the weather?”
“Why would I want to dig in the dirt or listen to boring lectures about meteorology, when all I want is to be a farmer?”

We then meet the indignant graphics designer, who equally already knows how it’s done – after being given basic tips, and who responds:

“You really believe all that, don’t you? Sad. Look, just because you think that kind of thing is interesting doesn’t mean that you should go around forcing it on other people. I’m here to be a designer, not a psychologist or a computer geek or whatever else you think I should be instead.” “Look, if you’re not willing to learn the basics, then maybe design isn’t for you.” “Oh, sure, whenever someone isn’t willing to quietly swallow your pretensions, you declare them unfit to join your holy order, is that it? The only people who can be designers are the ones who think just like you, right? The ones who play your little games and jump through the hoops you set up? You just keep stroking your ivory tower, okay? Just stop pretending that you know what makes a good designer, because it’s clear you’ve become completely dissociated from reality.”

Read the whole thing: “Vitamin Features » Stand Up For Your Rights! ” on the original site, courtesy Eric Meyer


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