Brave New World ; Digitisation of Content

Digitisation of Content – Developing the Opportunities

The Booksellers Association will be launching their Digitisation of Content Report on 9 November 2006.

This report was developed by the BA’s Digitisation of Content (DOC) Working Group to look at how the digital era will affect bookselling and publishing.

The report raises key issues in the digitisation debate:

* What is fuelling digital changes?
* What do we know about the potential impact on the booktrade?
* What can we predict about the future?
* How will these changes affect booksellers and publishers and the way we do business today?
* How can booksellers and publishers work together in this new environment?
* If booksellers wish to align themselves to this emerging market, what should they consider doing and when should they do it?
* How will the rise of e-books affect bookselling?
* What impact will the launch of e-book readers have on e-book sales?
* How will the approach of free access to digital databanks be balanced against the sale of commercial digital content?
* Who will be market for digital books – the younger generation who have grown up through this digital age or the “grey market”?

Further news after the official release, 9 November. URL for Bookseller Association is

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