testing Technorati? Doesn’t it work?

This is a piece I found

newswireless.net .:. Comment .:. Testing Technorati! – how long before it …

Testing Technorati! – how long before it smells coffee?
by Sniffer | posted on 27 October 2006
Here, I want to insert a comment that is not part of the blockquote.

Nothing to see here, these aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Just a brief appearance by the Hunkymouse. Tag: Hunkymouse to be reported at 13:00 hours Friday 27th October. Sniffer

As very attentive readers may have spotted, the Publisher is curious about why, after filling this news site with Technorati tags, not a single one has ever been linked from Technorati. They are now experimenting with putting a tag in the introductory paragraph.

Here I need to add a bit more comment…

then, continue:
Your Sniffer is dubious about how effective it will be… certainly, it does nothing for the general aesthetics. Meanwhile, Technorati continues to be spammed to death – try searching for “sharp pda” for example, and what you get is http://clothing-awscufev.blogspot.com/2006/10/new-wwe-theme-song-pedagogy-and.html – pure spam.


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