IP Everywhere? But it’s nowhere!

Originally, found this startup mentioned on “When are US trains gonna get WiFi? – Engadget and founder Tony Whelan burst onto NewsWireless with an April 1st comment:


We are working on a new way to get WiFi onto a train. We use
a patented approach injecting the internet signal onto the electricity
wires feeding the trains. This makes for an always on connection and
speeds far better than anything on the market right now. The trials we
are performing are with 234Mb/s chipsets and the throughputs are, to
put it mildly, fantastic. We are around 2000 faster than any of are
competitors with reliablity that is second to none. Check out our
website and watch this space, 2005 and IP Everywhere Inc are going to
have a lot to say about productivity whilst travelling.

Tony Whelan
CEO IP Everywhere Inc

Newswireless took the story seriously. So did Engadget:

Posted Dec 4th 2004 2:14PM by Susan Mernit

It was filed under: Transportation, Wireless

train Tech guru David Isenberg’s got a smart rant about US trains’ lack of Wifi (heck, we’re still looking for the electrical plugs on CalTran). He points to a Gotham Gazette piece calling for the NY Transit Authority to add Wifi to local trains (yeah, right) and says that Swedish workers are so productive on the train they want those commuting hours marked on the clock. Doubtful that’s soon to be the case here, but come on, if Philly can outfit their city with free WiFi, can’t the MTA just give us a few measly trains?

Since then, nothing. Were we all just victims of a practical joke? Check out Whelan’s massive podcast archive at

IPe™ – Diary of a Tech Startup

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