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Nokia gets all excited about Qualcomm lawsuit

February 27, 2007

Do we actually know what this  lawsuit  is all about?

 Nokia (NYSE: NOK) announced today that the Administrative Law Judge overseeing the investigation initiated by Qualcomm against Nokia in the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) has ordered a stay of the proceedings until further notice.

The trial had been scheduled to begin on March 5, 2007.

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It’s been quite a week for women…

February 26, 2007

Ada Lovelace, through Wendy M Grossman, all the way to Frances Allen and Maria Navratilova. Pioneers… As Wendy writes in her net.wars column: “That concrete pig a friend gave me as a sort of anti-garden gnome is adjusting his aviator goggles and getting ready to take flight. It’s been quite a week for women.”

Wimbledon has announced equal prize money “across the board” for men and women, and a woman has won the Alan M Turing Award from the Association for Computing Machinery. Wendy M Grossman Please don’t confuse that with passing the Turing test; Frances Allen is – like Ada Lovelace [right] a pioneer in computer science, not a cleverly built robot.

Full net.wars column here.

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It’s been quite a week for women.

February 23, 2007

According to this week’s net.wars Not only has

 Wimbledon announced equal prize money “across the board” for men and women,

but also

a woman has won the Alan M Turing Award from the Association for Computing Machinery.

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Still dreaming of a China Mobile takeover? for Hutchison UK

February 19, 2007

It was first announced back in December, and it didn’t happen in December. Is it possible that the Hutchison Whampoa sale of ‘3’ UK and ‘3’ Italy is going ahead after all?
The gossip columnist at NewsWireless, “Sniffer” says:

It is the Chinese New Year. What possible effect can this have on mergers and acquisitions in the UK? And can this be connected with the party that JP Morgan is organising for Wednesday?

Study the auspices! It’s the year of the Golden Pig. No, this is not a Hunky Mouse fantasy – here’s the horse’s mouth, from the Shanghail Daily from last November:

Maternity hospitals in Shanghai have been busier than usual over the past few months as many young women try to have babies next year, an especially auspicious time according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

So, is this why the takeover of ‘3’ in the UK and Italy has not been announced, despite the original plans to rush it through before Christmas?

Apparently, yes. The deal has had all the wrong “feng shui” till now.

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Australia cricket melts: South Africa top ODI team!

February 18, 2007

“The defeat was Australia’s fourth in succession” yes, it’s happened again! – the first time that has happened since 1997.

The first NZ match was stunning. I can’t believe nobody in England thought it was worth reporting. It was the first time EVER that Australia lost a one day match by ten wickets and for that matter, the first time NZ won by ten, as well!

Last night’s match had the consolation of seeing Australia score a substantial total, but nonetheless, they lost.

It gets worse. After losing four ODIs on the trot, Australia is no longer the top one-day team:

Try this for shock horror. The text is short and sweet: “South Africa have taken over from Australia as the world’s top-ranked team in one-day international cricket after New Zealand took an unassailable 2-0 lead in the Chappell-Hadlee series in Auckland on Sunday.”

This means Australia is not top of the rankings “for the first time since rankings were introduced in October 2002.”

South Africa recently beat Pakistan 3-1 in a home one-day series to edge closer to the Australians, who were also beaten by England in the tri-series finals at home a week ago.
—- end clip

The Age was rather more emphatic about the implications! “Australia’s tour of New Zealand, and World Cup prospects, sank even further on Sunday with the tourists losing the Chappell-Hadlee Trophy in traumatic fashion by failing to defend a ground record score of 4-336 at Eden Park.”

An 84-ball 105 by Hussey had lifted the tourists to a daunting total, and it seemed they had turned the corner after an unprecedented 10-wicket hiding in game one of the series in Wellington on Friday.

However a superb knock of 117 by young Kiwi Ross Taylor, strong support from Peter Fulton (76 not out, 65 balls) and a destructive 52 in just 30 balls from Craig McMillan allowed the New Zealanders to race past the target with eight balls to spare.

The Australians were meek in the field, unable to maintain the pressure in the middle overs and dropped a crucial catch – McMillan grassed by Phil Jaques at deep backward square leg when the Kiwis still needed more than 100 runs at 10 per over. The defeat was Australia’s fourth in succession – the first time that has happened since 1997.

See Cricket World Cup prospect ‘dim’ – Breaking News – Sport – Breaking News for the full sad tale…

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How to operate a cellphone while driving, without breaking the law. Safe?

February 17, 2007

The law says you must not pick up and use your mobile phone while driving. So, is a Bluetooth remote on the dashboard a
legal dodge?

Never! It’s dashboard mounted, but NOT a satnav. So what is it? “A remote control for your phone” says the company. And not at all dangerous, no no, not at all. Are you fooled?

Here’s how it really works

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A thousand bucks a year on Bluetooth? Mad!

February 17, 2007

“I am one of those that spends $1000 a year on Bluetooth headsets ” -that’s how the Argard review came to the attention of the editor of

Follow the link to find the Argard M10 reviewed

by PocketNow. It’s a pretty exhaustive test

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Did someone tread on a Hunky Mouse’s tail?

February 17, 2007

Joost – something everybody was trying to join a bit ago. It seems the writer known as “Sniffer” – one Hank Maus by name, we understand – is particularly frustrated!

Hank Maus often signs his pieces “Hunkymouse” or “Hunky Mouse” which may be why a certain PR company is ignoring him.

Joost a moment! Who actually IS responsible? Cohn & Wolfe?

It all started, apparently, with an invite.

The blurb on the invite couldn’t be plainer: question, the answer to all of which is, apparently, Cohn & Wolfe: “Who was responsible for the global launch of Joost, one of the most talked about online TV services this year?”

It all goes downhillfrom there…

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Quicken? “It’s spinach, the heck with it…”

February 16, 2007

The accounting software from quicken has been justly famous. For ages. But this week, it comes under fierce attack from Wendy M Grossman in her “net.wars” column. She gripes:

The other day, I noticed that the personal finance software I’ve been using since January 2, 1993 (under DOS!), Quicken, had started responding to requests to download stock quotes this way: “Quicken was unable to process the information in the file that was downloaded. We recommend that you try again.”

The saga ends with a formerly loyal user turning hostile:

I now realize that I had come to hate the software so much that I more or less stopped dealing with it other than for invoices and stock quotes. The original purpose for which I bought it, to save money by keeping track of bank balances had long since been forgotten.

So, I say it’s spinach and I say to hell with it.

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Fring – VoIP without a PC?

February 14, 2007

Barcelona is excited about fring (no capital “f”)
but according to Rafe Blandford, they need to do something about power management.

“They’ve got until June, really,” was the verdict of Symbian pundit Rafe Blandford, after trying out a really new idea in VoIP on mobiles – Fring – which was demonstrating presence, chat, VoIP over 3G, and chat-integration.

Founder Roy Timor-Rousso showed it to NewsWireless . More details in the press release.

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