Photography. Nothing like writing… net.wars

It sounds like Wendy M Grossman has had her ear chewed about photography copyright! – in this week’s  net.wars in NewsWireless, she talks about the differences. “I had a piece in the Guardian this week that caused me to rethink a portion of the giddy optimism with which I’ve typically embraced the notion of “free culture”.

Not, I hesitate to add, that I want to take back anything I said in “spamigation” about the disproportion of the fees charged for Corbis’s pictures versus their actual value to a taxi business. However, in the process of writing that piece, some comments from the photographers I interviewed made it clear to me that the discussion about copyright and free culture generally focuses on intellectual property that starts with writers: movies (screenwriter), music (songwriters), books (authors), and so on.

A good piece… worth reading

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