Still dreaming of a China Mobile takeover? for Hutchison UK

It was first announced back in December, and it didn’t happen in December. Is it possible that the Hutchison Whampoa sale of ‘3’ UK and ‘3’ Italy is going ahead after all?
The gossip columnist at NewsWireless, “Sniffer” says:

It is the Chinese New Year. What possible effect can this have on mergers and acquisitions in the UK? And can this be connected with the party that JP Morgan is organising for Wednesday?

Study the auspices! It’s the year of the Golden Pig. No, this is not a Hunky Mouse fantasy – here’s the horse’s mouth, from the Shanghail Daily from last November:

Maternity hospitals in Shanghai have been busier than usual over the past few months as many young women try to have babies next year, an especially auspicious time according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

So, is this why the takeover of ‘3’ in the UK and Italy has not been announced, despite the original plans to rush it through before Christmas?

Apparently, yes. The deal has had all the wrong “feng shui” till now.

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