Only one internet; but is “mobile” part of it?

In this week’s net.wars column, Wendy Grossman
remembers the telephone extension wire that cost $250 in today’s money.

And she wonders if the benefits of de-regulation which brought us the $3 (today’s money!)  phone wire, can even bring us a liberalised mobile Internet.

John Connolly told me in an interview in 1993 that they had endless meetings with the telcos trying to get them interested, but those companies just couldn’t see that there was any money in the Internet. Well, now here we are, and the Internet is chewing up the telcos’ business models…[ but]  the current debates are ignoring an important sector of the market: wireless. The mobile market is not now, nor ever has been, neutral. It is less closed in Europe, where you can at least buy a phone and stick any SIM in it; but in the US most phones are hardware-locked to their networks, a situation that could hardly be less consumer-friendly.

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