Death threats, a blogger, and troll rules

Last month, at the Emerging Technology conference, Kathy Sierra, whose talks many people eagerly anticipated, canceled because of death threats,” reports Wendy Grossman in her net.wars column this week.

The death threats – and other nastiness on her and several other people’s blogs caused her absence from the O’Reilly show.

“Not knowing the people of course doesn’t stop me from having an opinion, which is that posting her considerable distress on her blog was more likely to feed the troll than to dissuade him. He must be really important and powerful to make a woman cry on her blog that she is too frightened to leave her back yard. Yeah, ME!

That kind of thing. To me, the best response to something like that is to show the death threats to the police if you’re seriously concerned but otherwise go on as though the troll is insignficant.”

A good column as usual…

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