Word failure… I don’t often simply disbelieve things…

sifeet_02This story is NOT office safe. So start off with a picture of something in JT’s Stockroom – the – SiFeet Pussy Foot.

Pussy foot? Oh, as in “don’t pussyfoot about” – meaning, say what you mean?

No. It costs $105.00 and it is stocked under “Male Masturbators”

The SiFeet Pussy Foot is the ultimate fantasy sex toy for foot fetishists. This size 6, 100% silicone foot is cast in pure silicone from a real life actual, beautiful female foot.

It goes on in the same vein:

“In the sole of this lovely foot is a fully functional and totally fuck-able silicone vagina. This pure silicone foot is soft, smooth, and incredibly sexy. The toes are decorated with acrylic toenails painted glossy pink, making the Pussy Foot seem even more real.

From the toes to the heel and ankle, great time and effort has been taken to insure that the Pussy Foot seems real.

The feature that makes the Pussy Foot even better than an actual foot is the pussy located on the sole of the foot. You can passionately fuck the foot in a way you’ve never been able to before. It is the perfect combination of foot and vagina.

From the toe to heel the pussy foot is 9” long. The ankle has a 2½” diameter. The distance from the entrance in the vagina to the exit-hole at the top of the ankle is 6½”.

Anyone who appreciates beautifully sexy feet should love the Pussy Foot. This silicone foot is terrific for massaging and erotic rubbing as well as for having hot sex with it.

I feel ill...!And here’s the bit you have to swallow first to read: “This silicone sex toy (it continues) is also a convenient practice tool for preparing to get hot and kinky with actual feet. You are sure to have your technique down to a science when you train with the Pussy Foot.

The silicone SiFeet Pussy Foot cleans easily with soap and warm water or After Glow Toy Wipes.

The SiFeet Pussy Foot is available in a left or a right, sold separately.

OK, I’m not Quentin Tarrantino, and I never noticed all the shoes on platforms in Reservoir Dogs. And I don’t often look underneath my own feet, but I’m pretty sure there’s no opening in the bottom! So how this can be a “convenient practice tool… for real feet” is beyond my imagination.

But the pictures are all too real…

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2 Responses to “Word failure… I don’t often simply disbelieve things…”

  1. Naughty Girl Says:

    Having size 6 1/2 feet myself I have a lot of foot fetishests just begging (literally) to massage them. Not that I’ve ever minded, but the moment one of them asks me where the ‘opening’ is they’ll get a good kick in the teeth!

    Kidding aside though, some foot fetishists do love a ‘foot job’ as apposed to a ‘hand job’. I suppose this could be done simularily with this toy and can see why the foot fetishists will love it. Though most prefer red nail polish… just FYI.

  2. munchyrat Says:

    I take your point (and bow to your ‘inside track’ knowledge, too!) and yet, I’m still baffled. I mean – I always thought of foot fetish stuff as toe-sucking, shoe-sniffing, and heels grinding submissive faces, or long spikey stilletoes! Not actual sex, if you see what I mean…

    Then I googled:

    footjob foot-job – Google Search

    Results 1 – 10 of about 1,170,000 for footjob foot-job.

    Well, what do I know…

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