coup for EU’s Reding, not many dead

Excitement over the cut in roaming charges in the European Community was universal. Or… was it?

One analyst told NewsWireless: “It won’t make as much difference as people seem to think. For a start, several carriers have anticipated the legislation and started scaling back on their roaming charges a year ago. Vodafone will be able to claim that its average cost per minute for making and receiving calls is already lower than the new EU tariff.”

Also, the average mobile user was only slightly affected, said this analyst. “It’s a shock to get a bill after your two-week holiday in Greece or Spain, perhaps. But as a proportion of your annual phone spend, it’s a one-off. Corporate users have roaming deals with their network providers, and don’t pay anything like the headline rates. So it’s a good PR stunt for Reding, but in reality, it isn’t going to affect the carriers a lot.”

Full story at newswireless.

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