My mask smells nicer than your jockstrap…

Japanese for beginners? You could say that.

USB for hay fever?Someone actually went to the trouble of trying to find out why this young woman is considering plugging her face mask into her PC’s USB comms port.

They fed the advertising blurb that comes with the picture into a translator. It has to be said: things rather go down hill from there.

Here’s Google’s translation: “Because season of the pollen which starts from now on, there is no ginger however the mask is attached, the steaming/evaporation … it does between the mask and the mouth, becomes stifling and, furthermore it becomes unpleasant… the air outside is sent in the mask … oral original displeasure is lightened.”

So, here’s the real deal. What this is, is an anti-halitosis device. Your face mask gets wet and steamy and basically, it smells. And the fans blow the stink away. OK?

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