How scary can a corporate story be?

It’s the story of SEX.COM – a book written by Kieren McCarthy. And according to reviewer Guy Kewney, this book is a true horror story.

And the cleverness of the way McCarthy presents it, is that you think you’re going to read a racy description of the high life of a few wealthy California dotcom millionaires, playing at pornography – but what you end up soaking into your soul, is a deep understanding of the pioneering days of the Internet.

And the story you actually read, being one you would probably have dismissed if you were told what it was about as “boring, business stuff” – this boring tale is actually the one that has you staying up late into the night, unable to say: “I’ll finish it in the morning!” And it’s the tale of corporate deception, implacable monopoly abuse and downright evil around the boardroom, which means that when you turn the last page and switch off the light, the darkness of the night is almost tangible and fearful. But the monster that lurks beyond the curtains isn’t the drug-crazed obsessive geek; it’s not the relentless, bullying conman.

It’s the corporate giant which waits for you beyond the borders of sleep, with nightmares where you find yourself, too, helpless to resist a foe beyond your power and apparently immune to the Law. It’s a brilliant bit of writing. Read it if you dare. is published by Quercus Non-Fiction at £12.99 – ISBN 10: 1 905204 66 3 ISBN 13: 978 1 905204 66 3

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