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The curse of AT&T – part 2 – “can’t get online!”

June 30, 2007

If this isn’t cleared up soon, sales of iPhones may slow down. It seems from that somewhere between Cingular and its new owner, AT&T, the software has caused problems:

Complaints are apparently pouring in to say that AT&T has spoiled the iPhone party. Typical of irritated messages :
“I’m in San Francisco with friends to bought an iPhone today. The elation at having acquired the hallowed device was quickly overshadowed by problems getting the phone activated.”

Not good news…

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Jeff Pulver is NOT an iPhone user…

June 30, 2007

Von guru Pulver may be in for a disappointing experience if
NewsWireless is correct in telling him bad news: “Jeff, you may not be able to buy a “grey” iPhone.

NewsWireless quotes Pulver’s blog:

What ever happened to my freedom of choice? I hope AT&T is paying Apple enough money to cover all of the sales they are losing from customers who have relationships on other carrier networks who would have also purchased the device if the AT&T phone service wasn’t a requirement.

But, says Editor Guy Kewney, he may be out of luck. It looks like the current iPhone will always be tied to AT&T/Cingular.

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A public scandal! – …or a public relations coup?

June 30, 2007

A huge fuss is occupying British attention. It’s all about a committed Christian girl who has been asked not to wear her “purity ring” at school.

Most have taken the debate at face value, but the Ministry of Truth has gone digging…

It turns out that the innocent girly may not be quite as innocent as we think. Read Silver Bling Thing

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Nanotech is about microscopes!

June 29, 2007

Very small, or far away? Nano is very small. How do you see it? Wendy Grossman has been finding out for her net.wars column.

It’s all about nanotech, but, she says:

I found no grey goo. I spent three days last week in Basel being taken around to see various pieces of research the research outfits around there are doing into nanoscience, courtesy of the European Union of Science Journalists’ Associations

All very interesting stuff, and difficult to summarize intelligently in a few hundred words, says Wendy Grossman.

The thing that most struck me immediately, though, was how different it all was from the image of nanotechnology I’d half-formed from odds and ends I’d read or heard about in the media.

Full article at NewsWireless .

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3G iPhone to appear Monday?

June 29, 2007

The iPhone goes on sale today in New York. Boring old fashioned technology, because the 3G version will be launched Monday in London, reports in an exclusive today:

Ignore US launch: European Tri-iPhone launch Monday will reveal 3G iPhone for Voda, T-Mobile and Carphone Warehouse

Editor Guy Kewney says that three different carriers will be involved:- Vodafone, T-Mobile of Germany, and Carphone Warehouse. It should answer the disappointment with the US version of the iPhone which has been widely slammed for its poor performance as a phone. Full story here.

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iPhone users “brainless”? Like HDTV buyers!

June 28, 2007

Are iPhone users going to be fooled by style over content? Probably, says Guy Kewney in

A study, entitled “HDTV: You Have the Set, But Do You Have the Content?” found that only 44 percent of HDTV owners receive HD programming. “The main reasons consumers stated for not receiving the programming was that it was too expensive or they were not interested.”

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A very beautiful lady…

June 21, 2007

warning: following the link will take you to a site focused on nudity
The portrait is of a model called Altea photographed by Erro and once again, I find myself amazed by the willingness – no, eagerness! – of such a stunningly attractive woman to expose herself without any sense of lost dignity.

Many years ago, I was (I suppose) a bit of a rake by the standards of the age. But it was not this age, and the one-night-stand was not the production line that American bar-hopping has turned it into.

What I remember, simply, was the sense that if you took someone home, it was sometimes said: “Of course, this isn’t a love affair!” – but it was, nonetheless, a relationship of admiration for the person. Well, there was with me! – there was a need for a feeling of affection, as well as a sense of “Phwoar!”…

And what was so sweet about it, was the shyness. Even if you were with a woman who enjoyed taking a new lover and wasn’t in the slightest ashamed of this being her tenth, there was still a modesty to it. You know – you wanted to get your hand up her jumper, but you knew she’d want to be approached as if she was still vulnerable. You’d sit next to her, you’d hold hands, you’d play music. You’d stroke her hair…

Afterwards, that modesty was gone. She’d lie back on the bed with that satisfied grin. An hour or two earlier, when you took her bra off, she’d covered her chest with her arms; now, her breasts are happy in your company, eager to be admired. The furry patch below her waist is no longer concealed between crossed knees – no! – it is as open as her expression and her smile.

Here, it seems, we have a model who has been told: “Pretend you’ve just finished a love session with your favourite man, and are completely relaxed.”

Forty years ago, someone this beautiful would have guarded that beauty. Today, she regards it as a source of income.

Are there many like this? And are there more today?

How to upset JK Rowling…

June 21, 2007

Just let the cat out of the bag! Or failing that, says Guy Kewney, make it seem you know more about fantasy writing than she does:

What’s the worst thing you can say about Harry Potter? How about claiming that spells are rather like computer programs? Or how about saying that Slytherin, the school house for all the bad guys, is a “cliche of fantasy”? Or maybe, pointing out that the name of Alecto (the female half of the brother-and-sister Death Eater gang in Half Blood Prince) is actually a name borrowed from one of the three Furies, the Eumenides of Greek mythology?

David Langford says all these things in The End Of Harry Potter. And JK Rowling, the author of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, is not pleased.

Read the whole book review – no, not of”Deathly Hallows!” but of “The End Of Harry Potter” – at NewsWireless today…

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Bog football, or “Swamp Soccer”

June 17, 2007

We can thank the BBC for pointing this one out: but the report was in the Scotsman’s News briefs

MORE than 1,500 football fans took part in Scotland’s second ‘Swamp Soccer’ tournament in Dunoon yesterday.

The six-aside tournament saw teams knee-deep in mud attempting to play a game of football.

The craze has already swept Sweden, Iceland, Holland, Russia and Brazil.

Forty-eight teams of mud-loving men and women – more than twice last year’s number – took part in the competition.

Stewart Miller, founder of the Scottish event, said: “It’s one of the few outdoor sporting events where the bad weather actually makes the conditions better.”

The finals are held today.

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Being Nice to Wayne Crookes…

June 15, 2007

I’m not really convinced that Wendy Grossman needs to be quite so polite to Wayne Crookes in this week’s net.wars column:

In his column on the subject, Geist argues that if Crookes’ suits are successful Canadian free speech will be severely curtailed.

Who would dare run a wiki or allow comments on their blog if they are to be held to a standard that makes them liable for everything posted there? Who would even dare put a link to a third-party site on a Web site or in a blogroll if they are to be held liable for all the content not only on that site but on all sites that site links to? Especially since Crookes’s claim against Wikimedia is not that the site failed to remove the offending articles when asked, but that the site failed to monitor itself proactively to ensure that the statements did not reappear.

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