A very beautiful lady…

warning: following the link will take you to a site focused on nudity
The portrait is of a model called Altea photographed by Erro and once again, I find myself amazed by the willingness – no, eagerness! – of such a stunningly attractive woman to expose herself without any sense of lost dignity.

Many years ago, I was (I suppose) a bit of a rake by the standards of the age. But it was not this age, and the one-night-stand was not the production line that American bar-hopping has turned it into.

What I remember, simply, was the sense that if you took someone home, it was sometimes said: “Of course, this isn’t a love affair!” – but it was, nonetheless, a relationship of admiration for the person. Well, there was with me! – there was a need for a feeling of affection, as well as a sense of “Phwoar!”…

And what was so sweet about it, was the shyness. Even if you were with a woman who enjoyed taking a new lover and wasn’t in the slightest ashamed of this being her tenth, there was still a modesty to it. You know – you wanted to get your hand up her jumper, but you knew she’d want to be approached as if she was still vulnerable. You’d sit next to her, you’d hold hands, you’d play music. You’d stroke her hair…

Afterwards, that modesty was gone. She’d lie back on the bed with that satisfied grin. An hour or two earlier, when you took her bra off, she’d covered her chest with her arms; now, her breasts are happy in your company, eager to be admired. The furry patch below her waist is no longer concealed between crossed knees – no! – it is as open as her expression and her smile.

Here, it seems, we have a model who has been told: “Pretend you’ve just finished a love session with your favourite man, and are completely relaxed.”

Forty years ago, someone this beautiful would have guarded that beauty. Today, she regards it as a source of income.

Are there many like this? And are there more today?


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