Jeff Pulver is NOT an iPhone user…

Von guru Pulver may be in for a disappointing experience if
NewsWireless is correct in telling him bad news: “Jeff, you may not be able to buy a “grey” iPhone.

NewsWireless quotes Pulver’s blog:

What ever happened to my freedom of choice? I hope AT&T is paying Apple enough money to cover all of the sales they are losing from customers who have relationships on other carrier networks who would have also purchased the device if the AT&T phone service wasn’t a requirement.

But, says Editor Guy Kewney, he may be out of luck. It looks like the current iPhone will always be tied to AT&T/Cingular.

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One Response to “Jeff Pulver is NOT an iPhone user…”

  1. Jeff Pulver Says:

    I heard that the UK iPhone will be using T-Mobile and that as a T-Mobile customer my SIM card should work. I’m counting on the community to crack open the iPhone and unlock it so we don’t need to depend on the grey market.

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