Holland gets to feel itself too!

So, having discovered  that Americans are feeling themselves, I got a notification from the IFM Forums

Okay you can now go into “MY IFM” and you’ll find a nifty tool which does a bandwidth test on our servers – the current USA box and the new NL box.

NL box? Wossat? Apparently, it’s what it sounds like: a European server showing all the hundreds of videos of people

Once the speed test is completed, you’ll be connected to the server which gives you the best speed, for all future downloads. You can retake the test any time to always optimise your speed. This will definitely speed things up for European customers. As the USA server has been running at less than capacity most of the time, it should continue to provide the same speeds.

So that’s it: faster membership of “I Feel Myself” for European wankers!

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