Socks on! – rocks off! – no, I’m not feeling myself today…

I blame that Naughty Girl for getting me into this line of research. I quote from IFeelMyself today:

“We’ve chatted quite a bit around the office about whether or not to remove one’s socks during sessions of sexual gratification, and we’re pretty well-divided. I happen to think it’s adorable when people get their rocks off with their socks on, and when newcomer Tina B does it, you’ll probably have the same sentiments.”

Sentiments? Easily summarised: sexually stimulating stuff. Watch very attractive performers stimulate themselves to the point of orgasm. Is this acceptable? or is it sexploitation?

It’s beyond me. Try this quote:

“Our lighting is tasteful and soft, and our camerawork departs from the ‘porn standard’ of gratuitous pussy shots and segementation of the body. Instead we choose to focus on the holistic bodily experience of orgasm, from the slight tremble of the lip to the curl of the toes to the satisfied post-orgasmic stretch.”

Your first response will probably be that this is, nonetheless, a porno site. Apparently, this is not what I Feel Myself really means.

What’s the political correct viewpoint? I mean, it’s described (again, I quote) as a kind of feminist site:

“IFM dedicates itself to female pleasure in its myriad forms. We present the female orgasm as a point of focus, and we want to represent it in a way that does justice to its beauty and idiosyncrasy. Too often we are exposed to images of eroticism that ignore or trivialise the female orgasm, and it’s our aim to counteract that imagery by providing a confident, affirming, and sexy alternative.”

…and yeah, well, all that. But I can’t help noticing that the people doing this sexual exposure and “doing justice to its beauty and idiosyncrasy” are all noticeably female and conspicuously under 30 years old. Actually most are pretty obviously under 20.

Why? Is this because young women are not yet cynical enough to realise that the laugh is on them if they take their clothes off in front of a camera? Or is it genuinely something that will “counteract” conventional imagery, and make sex innocent again?

The site has several free samples, so by all means grab them; let me know what you think.

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