Phishing: it’s growing as a business!

Wendy Grossman just got back to London from Defcon, and Black Hat, to find the British House of Lords Science and Technology committee has released its report on Personal Internet Security

Phishing has cost US banks around $2 billion, and although the UK lags well behind – £33.5 million in bank fraud in 2006 – here, too, it’s on the rise. Team Cymru found (PDF) that on IRC channels dedicated to the underground you could buy credit card account information for between $1 (basic information on a US account) to $50 (full information for a UK account); $1,599,335.80 worth of accounts was for sale on a single IRC channel in one day.

It’s a frightening edition of net.wars

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    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article, but it sounds interesting

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