Your laptop is your world: your PSU is Paradise!

A moving, poignant story of tragedy in Foreign Parts, in this week’s net.wars column from Wendy Grossman!

What’s the most scary thing you’ve seen in computing?

No, not the Merlion!

“Some designs are just annoying – the Blue Screen of Death, say, once you get over the initial fright of seeing it. Somewhere on the planet there may be someone who sees the screen and can read the gibberish in the few seconds before the screen goes black and the computer restarts and say, “Ah, yes, it’s the shedelepp in the specklediff” (non-words courtesy of the late humourist Jean Kerr).

 Other designs are just dangerous: the laptop power adaptors that burst into flames, for example.

It seems disproportionate, but anything has to be better than the black void of no communications, nothing to work on, and no entertainment. Because these days, when you travel, your laptop is all those things.

Check out the whole sad story in!

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