ScribeFire – broken?

I’ve got accustomed to relying on ScribeFire for quick note-taking for this blog. It’s great! – a Firefox browser extension; if you find a certain something on the web, mark the bit you like, right-click, and choose the ScribeFire option. Seconds later, you have a complete blog entry.

Several menus

Yesterday, I noticed, idly, that the right click option had several menu levels. The one I always use is “blog this” but there are others. In a moment of curiosity, I tried “page tools” and discovered that it takes me to different view.

Instead of an HTML editor, showing what I am posting, I found myself looking at a ScribeFire window which shows Technorati statistics; who links, how many, and so on. And I can see how that’s useful!

So today, I decided to blog something. I went through my normal routine, and hit “blog this page” and…

found myself looking at the “Page Tools” window. And there I’m stuck. I can’t regain the “blog this page” window, and I can’t see how to do so!



2 Responses to “ScribeFire – broken?”

  1. Yep Says:

    Same here. One month later still no update, thus no blogging via scribefire. Now using ‘justblogit’.

  2. chameleonsdream Says:

    This is old and I can’t help but figure you’ve got the answer to this already, but in case you haven’t…

    In your scribefire window, in the top toolbar at the far left, you’ll see a “<<“. Click on that to open the sidebar menu. Choose the option that you want in the sidebar menu. Yes, it could be more intuitive. Yes, it should open with the option that you choose in the right-click menu.

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