Love Honey and The Register and NewsWireless

Don’t throw your old RampantRabbit in the ordinary trash! Recycle Responsibly! NewsWireless appears to have joined in with The Register in straight-faced (if not entirely strait-laced) enthusiasm for not throwing electronic goods into landfill.

The Reg’s headline was a little … well, what do you think? Some might say: “Worn out your vibrator? Relief is at hand!” isn’t strait-laced at all.

LoveHoney is extending environmental awareness to the bedroom by encouraging people to send in their overloved rabbit vibrators so that they can be recycled and treated in an ecologically sound manner, rather than being dumped in landfill sites. For each rabbit received through the scheme, LoveHoney is donating £1 to the World Land Trust and offering customers the opportunity to buy a clean, green rabbit for half price.

(As to what “the tarrif” might be, best not to ask…)

The full story was “responsibly recycled” atNewswireless including the observation that:

Specifically, it was resolved that the site should never more darken the internet with tales of Bulgarian airbags, black cocks, and people having sex with goats.

Are we bovvered?

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