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It sucks? What sucks? What does it suck?

September 26, 2007

I’m not entirely sure this is “office safe” but it’s legitimate, and even if in bad taste, it’s genuine. According to NewsWireless’s gossip writer, Hank Maus, it was an advert for Alteon:

Ruckus, as you probably know, makes high quality WiFi – good enough for wireless TV streaming around the home. The Boss says he’s planning to review one of their wireless routers. I hope he knows what sort of material it will provide…

Alteon was founded by a team including Ruckus CEO Selina Lo. All will be revealed…in due course says the Maus…

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September 23, 2007

That title stands for The End Of The world As We Know It or, as Wendy Grossman sums it up:

Energy books can be logically divided into three categories.

One, apocalyptics: fossil fuels are going to run out (and sooner than you think), the world will continue to heat up, billions will die, and the few of us who survive will return to hunting, gathering, and dying young. Two, deniers: fossil fuels aren’t going to run out, don’t be silly, and we can tackle global warming by cleaning them up a bit.

Here. Have some clean coal.

Three, optimists: fossil fuels are running out, but technology will help us solve both that and global warming. Have some clean coal and a side order of photovoltaic panels.

Another lovely net.wars column at this week.

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Do you love the Prime Minister?

September 14, 2007

“I’ll tell you a secret…”

It’s a “special relationship” says Wendy Grossman in this week’s net.wars column:

The San Francisco computer security expert Russell Brand once asked me, in the casual way he poses philosophical questions, “If you knew they would never be used against you, would you still have secrets?”

After some thought, I came up with this: yes. Because one of the ways you show someone that they are important to you and you trust them is that you disclose to them things you don’t normally tell other people. It is, in fact, one of the ways we show we love them. We don’t tell governments secrets because we want to be intimate with them.

Read A new approach to the idea of privacy in NewsWireless.

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You blog your friend’s twisted ankle, and the next thing…

September 7, 2007

Wendy Grossman’s net.wars column this week surprised even the Munchy Rat. She is looking at Facebook, and its invasion of privacy and, she notes:

I would never put someone’s telephone number online without their consent, even though my own phone number is on my Web site. Yet that prejudice seems irrational if you instead call the information about the injured foot “personal medical data” but see the phone number as something anyone could find in the phone book.

The injured foot? An innocent blog, apparently; it went to the Court of Justice in Europe and the blogger was found guilty. Read the whole story!

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