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Scientology: don’t use their dirty tricks against them

January 28, 2008

It’s not widely realised that Keith Henson is now out of jail. His crime was to expose Scientology’s “secret” documents and pretty much nothing else. As Wendy Grossman reports in this week’s net.wars column: “Scientology: Xenu strikes again”

I see that the war between Scientology and the Net, first spotted in about 1994, has erupted again. Same issues, slightly different people, similar behaviour.

And, she concludes: “Freedom of speech means freedom for speech you disagree with.”

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Will Apple appoint Carphone Warehouse as “Apple Store Management” around Europe?

January 4, 2008

Latest iPhone rumour from suggests that with (probably) fewer than 100 Apple stores around Europe, Steve Jobs may be about to announce a deal which would give him hundreds: a franchise with Charlie Dunstone.

It’s too soon to do more than guess what’s behind the speculation. But a better source of gossip may be to investigate the looming CPW financial results announcements, which must be worrying senior management. Other (probably more sensible!) rumours about CPW suggest that the Apple link may well be behind the share price rise; but not because of “strong sales” – rather, because of shrewd guesses about an Apple Store franchise for Charles Dunstone’s company.

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