Wireless Open Office? Or a confusion of identity?

I watch out for Wireless stories, and when NewsNow threw up this one I was puzzled:

Sneak preview of the forthcoming OpenOffice 3
Open Office isn’t normally a wireless subject, so I read on with amazement

Screenshot Although few consumers are aware, the developers behind OpenOffice are some of the largest corporations, with both Sun and IBM teaming up to work on the next version, OpenOffice 3.

The story went on to explain:

The next version has been previewed by the Sun developers and a few new features have emerged. For OS X users, there will be a true native version of the office suite. For existing users, expect to find full PDF integration, a new charting system, an Outlook-style PIM, a report builder and much more. Native support for reading Office 2007 documents will be included.

With Sun, IBM and others on board, you can expect this to be taken seriously in the corporate market. Buy a multi-seat office license across workstations and it’s a serious amount of money. Any free product is seen as a worthwhile alternative.

And it ended up with a link: OpenOffice 3 preview link. So: where’s the “wireless” hook?

I suspect, sadly, that NewsNow has a script which looks for well-known wireless companies, like Broadcom, and Orange, and Nokia. And of course, that well known mobile provider “3” – run by Hutchison 3G in the UK and Italy and Australia. Shome mishtake poshibly?


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