But where is the wiki?

You can have your own IRC server, apparently. Instructions are

here at mibbit
where they explain:

  • Create a channel on irc.mibbit.com (Follow the howto guide on the wiki).
  • Grab the HTML code to use on your website
  • Paste the HTML into your website

But as you can see, WordPress doesn’t like the code…

Here it is:

But in answer to your question: the wiki is here.

try this:
Your chat on irc.mibbit.com (popup)


It doesn’t work, does it?

You’ll have to do it manually until I find out what WordPress is doing to suppress popups, or until I find another way of doing without popups.  www.mibbit.com remains the URL, and to chat to us all, you’ll have to look for “other” in the servers.

And if you then enter


you’ll get the chance to join the Mousehole and chat to my mates Hank and Guy and a few others in channel #kewney

Hope you can be arsed…


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