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“No, I don’t want a parachute, thanks; this will do…”

April 25, 2008 called it “Attack Wing: Glider Makes Waves With Stealth and Speed” and wrote:

It weighs only 30 pounds and can be fully weaponized for assault and rescue. It has a 6-foot jet-wing that is steered with handheld rotary controls connected to its rudder. And it can hide more than 100 pounds of combat gear in a built-in compartment.

The Gryphon attack glider, designed to penetrate combat zones at 135 miles per hour, could revolutionize the art of parachuting. It has got to be at the top of James Bond’s Christmas list this year.

Looks more fun than a regular parachute, and more effective than those James Bond wings…


How to spy on your kids: give them a phone with a bug!

April 14, 2008

NewsWireless has discovered a tool for earwigging your kids. In a piece titled “It’s a normal Nokia, trust me…” they uncovered a system which actually is sold with the idea that you spy on your children.

How to turn your mobile into a baby-sitting tool!

Monitoring a room – This works exactly the same way as the original 3310 Dimension.

Monitoring an individual – Simply enter the secret access menu and program any mobile/landline number. Now dial the 3310 from that stored secret number and you can listen into the immediate surrounding sounds and conversations. The phone shows NO indication you are listening in thus can be given to your children for example and used as an everyday mobile phone without arousing suspicion.

Only 275 quid!

Full story here …