Muspronts… and dyslexia!

Grateful thanks to Lexify’s Weblog for this one…

It’s nice to see “word blindness” in the pages of someone who sells helpful products! – it makes you feel they know what the problems are like. And so, without having in any way assessed Dyslexia Manual Games we report on something which could, actually, be the Dyslexia Games Manual!Teaching Expertise sells it, and wrote:

Dyslexia Manual Games

‘Out of every 10 people you know, one will be dyslexic’ British Dyslexia Association. Dyslexia Manual Games will support your pupils with dyslexia and help to develop their literacy skills

‘This condition should not hinder young people’s education and life chances. Sadly, it all too often does. We need to be better at identifying pupils with dyslexia and then supporting them. ‘Schools Secretary Ed Balls.

According to the BBC, children with dyslexia are to receive extra help in some schools in England under a £3m pilot scheme. The government says half of pupils in 10 areas will be given catch-up reading lessons or one-to-one help from dyslexia specialists.

At this point, there’s a brief explanation of what dyslexia is; after which, the product name changes:

Dyslexia Games Manual is a range of games will develop auditory and visual awareness necessary to improve word-attack skills, while also providing over-learning, revision and reinforcement of vital literacy skills. The games are photocopiable sheets and come in a A4 ringbound folder.

See Lexify’s Weblog for more…


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