Ayckbourn as a service. Just like Citrix…

Ed Iacobucci headed IBM’s OS/2 project. Then he set up Citrix. Then he created an airline which is, he says, “software as a service” – but uncopyable software.

And from there, we go to Wendy Grossman’s net.wars column where she’s watching an Alan Ayckbourn play, and trying to get video copies.

She writes in Newswireless:

Talking of “software as a service” – a couple of years ago I did an interview with Ed (“Mr OS/2”)Iacobucci, now CEO and founder of Dayjet, a new kind of airline.Wendy M Grossman

Dayjet has no published timetable; instead, prospective passengers (mostly company CEOs and other business types with little time to spare for driving between ill-served smaller cities in the American south) specify their departure point, their destination, and a window of time for Dayjet to get them there. Dayjet responds with a price based on the number of full seats in the plane. The airline, said Iacobucci, is software expressed as a service. And he was – this is the key point here – constructing an intellectual property business in such a way meant he didn’t have to worry about copying.

Full article explains how this applies to Sir Alan and his policy on copy protection.

Sir Alan AyckbournShe writes:

It’s hard to understand the severity of the official Ayckbourn Web site’s warning about bootleg copies. Given that they know the demand is there, and given the amount those 71 plays are making in royalties and licensing fees, why not buy up the rights to those productions and release them, or begin a project of recording current SJT productions and revivals with a view to commercial release? The SJT shop sells scripts. Why not DVDs?

Asking that risks missing the essential nature of theatre, which, along with storytelling, is probably one of the earliest forms of intellectual property expressed as a service. A film is infinitely copiable; every live performance is different, if only subtly, because audience feedback varies. I still with they’d do it, though.

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