Feminine treasures? Wossat, then?

I have to ask what sort of person would apply for the job of copywriter for MetMag…

The images are, as you might say, formulaic …not quite EVERY picture shows a young woman, naked, with her legs wide apart… no, indeed. Quite a few have the same young woman on all fours, arse to camera, and arse high in the air.

About the only concession I can see that they make to “good taste” is to photograph their models in a state of non-arousal. Nothing “moist” about these shots, thank you very much!

Otherwise, the phrase “explicit pose” is really all you could say about them – but the metmag writer has to make it sound beautiful, feminine, erotic:

“Four Princesses of Pretty at Met-Art”

says this week’s headline. They change the content every week, but you can see this week’s metmag here: – http://www.met-art.com/metmag/ and one model, Natasha, is posed in “ballet gear” on a ladder. And the writer lets rip:
Yes, you can see the cunt

Natasha has never looked prettier than she does in the first feature image, which pictures her graceful head and décolleté, framed by mist. Up close, Natasha’s complexion is creamy perfection, while her lovely green eyes sparkle beneath the studio lights. Her hair tied back simply, Natasha is pared down elegance and intrigue. From below her extended arms, her soft bosom is dappled in droplets and her nipples pert.

The second feature image [right] highlights Natasha’s natural creativity as a model. Using the ladder as a prop, she balances on tiptoe. This photo generously showcases Natasha’s slender and shapely legs, as well as her perfect rear, as she is bathed in luxurious white light. Bringing her pointed toe to her knee, Natasha swings her hips towards the camera, revealing just a touch of the feminine treasures between her legs. Looking over her shoulder, Natasha throws the camera a sizzling look from her huge green eyes.

Natasha is utterly feminine and wholly seductive in the final feature portrait. Leaning against the metal ladder, this unabashed vixen extends her legs and rolls her hips to reveal every inch of the feminine flesh between her legs. Curling her arm above her head, she dips her chin and looks at the camera. This photo is one of many explicit and aesthetic photos in “Choreography.”

Run that again! “Bringing her pointed toe to her knee, Natasha swings her hips towards the camera, revealing just a touch of the feminine…treasures between her legs.”

Feminine treasures between her legs? Hahahaha! What they mean is: “You can see quite a lot of her cunt.”


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