Ghastly demons, fecal demons…

There are two cartoons about shit demons which aren’t indexed by Google Images.

They are in the worst possible taste, and also hilariously funny. Do not show Ghastly’s Ghastly Comic – Tentacle Monsters And The Women Who Love Them to anybody squeamish, or sexually up tight.

The author’s only comment to this one:

God I wish I could say this comic wasn’t based on real life events.

That’s the first one.

The second is the sequel: where we find something really shameful about Glemph’s sex life. Apparently, Ghastly isn’t drawing this from his own experiences; all he has to say here is:

One of the things I love about drawing this comic is trying to get as much facial expression out of Nort and Glemph as I can which is pretty damned tricky considering that technically they don’t have “faces”.

I really like the panel where Nort’s wee mind goes “ping!”.


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