Helping improve bowel cancer treatment…

“Not enough progress,” says Professor Hochhauser, referring to  “digestive cancer” – the story of his research. Well a bit of the story!

The story popped up back in 2008, when the
Northwood & Pinner Liberal Synagogue Web Site | Home was looking for a charity to endow, and chose the University College cancer institute. The head of the drive, Brian Sass, wrote:

“We are supporting the research of a group of scientists and clinicians led by Prof Daniel Hochhauser. The area of research is digestive cancer which includes the throat, gullet, stomach and bowel. Advances in these areas have not been as great as with other cancers where much headway has been made and survival rates hugely improved.

“I learned of Daniel Hochhauser’s work when seeking every possible avenue to find a cure for Veronica. She saw him and he conferred with her specialist in Northwood and the treatment was agreed. Sadly the treatment was not successful.

“Prof Hochhauser invited me to see him at the Cancer Institute and explained the work that he and his group are doing to find methods of treating and curing this particularly aggressive type of cancer. There is a new class of drug that stops the division of cells and this, combined with the chemicals used in chemotherapy, will stop the spread of the disease and make that which is already there dormant.

“They have all the ingredients to do this but do not know in what order these drugs should be given and how the quantity ratios of drugs and chemicals should be administered. Professor Hochhauser said and I quote, ‘with this knowledge we hope to devise better ways of combining these treatments to eradicate the cancer cells’.

“The project will be undertaken in the UCL Cancer Institute which is the foremost centre of its kind in Europe and is located in a purpose built, state of the art building opened in 2007. 340 scientists work there and in addition, doctors treating cancer patients, work closely with them. They have particular expertise in all the areas needed for the success of the project. Clinical trials will be designed.

“To push the project forward needs time and money. The incredibly dedicated teams that I saw there give their time and expertise for nothing. Furthermore all overheads are paid by the University, and so the whole of our donation will be used for the research.

“NPLS are well known there because we supported the Haematology Department and bought a machine that enhanced the speed of one part of their research by eight times. That machine bears a plate stating that it was donated by NPLS in blessed memory of Frances Sacker.

“It is said that this year 300,000 people in this country will contract cancer in one form or another. It is important for research to be carried out speedily in our days and we are able to significantly help with our donation.

“You will receive a letter from me in the course of the next few days with a brief synopsis of this appeal. You will also be able to read the appeal in full on the NPLS website.

“Please give as generously as you can so that we can increase the number of donations from last year’s 260 out of a possible 740. All donations of any size will be most welcome.”

I wish you all a good year.


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