Did you ever tread on a British power plug?

It seems the founders of Ridings have done so. So they have invented a folding-pin plug, which goes flat into something without huge spikes to puncture your feet and is called Slimplug.

The official blurb is short and sweet:

Slimplug by Ridings Ltd is a power lead with a revolutionary folding pin plug. Designed for the laptop user, Slimplug is a space saving device which will fit a number of electrical items that use a figure of eight connector. This makes it suitable for most laptops and camcorders, as well as PS2, Xbox and all sorts of other devices.

The limitation is that “figure-of-eight” connector. Many laptops these days use three-wire mains cables (a design which enables better electrical safety) and you can’t connect the Slimplug to them.

Price: dependent on supplier.


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