Where to find a big-keyboard phone without too many features…?

I see NewswWireless.Net (Yes, grownups don’t want toy phones) … has picked up on Silverphone. What do grownups want to do with mobiles? Answer:

They want to make calls!

In what they say is the first of a series of pointers for “I don’t want a smart phone!” users, Buy simple mobile phones for OAP Elderly and visually impaired – Silverphone is featured. It specialists in phones for Silver Surfers:

We are the UK’s most popular place to find easy to use mobile phones. We have recently been featured on BBC 1, ITV’s This Morning show and a host of other publications.

Most of our products have large buttons and single button call functions. Our big button phones are perfect for OAPs, people with special needs and lone workers as they very often require a phone that is simple to understand and easy to use.

Look forward to seeing more pointers!


One Response to “Where to find a big-keyboard phone without too many features…?”

  1. dv4u Says:

    Check out the iNO phone at http://dv4u.wordpress.com/2009/06/13/ino-mobile-phone-got-yours-yet/

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