People: Charles Brookson – snapshot as of July 08

Charles Brookson – LinkedIn

Charles Brookson’s Summary

Now Chairman GSM Association Security Group, ETSI OCG, NISSG… and on the Stakeholder’s Board of the European Network and Security Agency (ENISA). Looks after some standards issues BERR (DTI), especially security. Mostly Technical Tourism!

Head of Security one2one (1994-1998).
I was Head of Corporate Security in the mobile operator one2one (now T-mobile), where I set up their new security department. I recruited, trained and put in place all the security functions, documents and procedures.

British Telecommunications PLC October 1974 until October 1994
Senior Manager BT Corporate Security
My final four years in BT were spent in Corporate Security within the Chairman’s Office, based in London and Suffolk, responsible for Security Policy issues throughout BT (Information, IT, Network, Physical) and for new Products and Services.

BT Head of Group
I was involved in the design, production and sale of security equipment, and early BT encryption systems for data, voice, fax and computers. I produced equipment using the techniques, including equipment used for the Bank of England Gilts Trading System.

I wrote the BT proposal for X509 certification based on the previous certification systems I had built and designed, which became subsequently an International Standard. I also set up and managed large cross-functional teams for major security audits throughout BT and for external clients.

I was the Chairman of the Algorithm Expert Group in 1988 that produced the cryptographic and security processes. I have participated in the development of many of the subsequent radio security groups, and contributed to standards for cordless telephones (CT2), Digital European Cordless Telephone (DECT), GSM and Third Generation (3GPP).

Executive Engineer
I started as a radio engineer at British Telecom Laboratories (Martlesham), where I designed and built equipment to measure and record microwave terrestrial and satellites. And the first SKY TV broadcast
Charles Brookson’s Specialties:



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